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Parents Corner

Rupali Harshad Jambaulikar - Ryan International School, Malad

Rupali Harshad Jambaulikar

Schooling is an important phase of life, a place where the focus is to create an atmosphere where the child can be himself / herself and express freely without any fear, a place where equal emphasis is given on studies, sports, drama, music etc. An atmosphere where suggestions and inputs from parents are encouraged. A place where faculty and teacher could be an ideal support system for children shine like Stars with the light of knowledge given by teachers. The school maintains a perfect balance between education and extracurricular activities, allowing the children to experiment with and find what they love to do without compromising on any area, The school has provided a platform for my children to experiment and get exposed to various ideas and experiences leading towards a brighter future where excellence eliminates the focus on caste, creed, religion. Ryan International School is a beacon light mentoring Students towards excellence and creating achievers.

Poonam-Singhi- Ryan International School, Malad

Poonam Singhi

My son Aditya is a successful television production executive hobnobbing with Bollywood stars. But a few years ago, I was really worried about his future. Aditya was extremely naughty and not very serious in life. Fortunately, his school, instead of punishing him, focused more on his positive attitude and creative nature and helped make him the success that he is now. I am extremely thankful for the staff and management of Ryan International (ICSE), Malad for making my son a man - a man of substance in the world of media.

Captain-Sudhir-Nambiar - Ryan International School, Malad

Captain Sudhir Nambiar

I chose Ryan International School thirteen years ago for my son with high expectations of him receiving the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. Ryan has delivered more than my expectations. At the outset let me congratulate you all wholeheartedly for being a truly child centric, child focused and child friendly school. The amount of importance laid on extracurricular activities, which has become a dream in most Mumbai schools is indeed commendable. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible.

Ryan International School has helped in developing his character, talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other areas like public speaking and leadership qualities. We are very happy and grateful to Ryan International for playing a vital role in our son’s transformation from a young kid to the man he is today. Ryan is a great place, where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular coaching. All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the staff. All class and extra- curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well. The portions are covered at an appropriate pace such that the students don’t feel burdened. Our son loves going to school. Last but not least, a big thanks to all his favourite teachers for helping build up his character.

I give a special mention for the tremendous effort you all put in for the annual day. It is overwhelming to see our (otherwise seemingly small) kids shine so brightly with confidence. It is exactly this training that our kids will benefit from for many years to come - this has been an important foundation in their lives. I am, indeed, deeply grateful for all the love poured into our children repeatedly over the years - they have truly flourished under your care, guidance and hard-work.

Over the past 13 years, my son has thrived in this environment for which I would like to thank Mrs Varsha madam for her exemplary dedication to the school. I am sure that all the above wouldn’t be possible without her help, and involvement. Everyone here from the Director, Chairman and Management knows and cares about your child’s growth and well-being. We are very glad that we set a good base for my son to build his future by enrolling him in Ryan.

Renu &Vikrant Mishra- Ryan International School, Malad

Renu and Vikrant Mishra

As the parents of Mst. Rudra Mishra, a Student of class Xth A, at Ryan International School, ICSE, Malad (W), we take glee in making manifest our sense of grace and obligation to the Ryan Family for shaping him into what he is today and what he will be in the future, making him a king in himself, making him one of you, a Member of the Ryan family, which to begin with is a humongous honour in itself. We thank you for psyching up our ward for confronting and standing-up stern against the cut throat challenges offered by the world throughout the long run. 13 years ago, assuming to be well aware of what it would take to get our child an entry into the Ryan Group would sum up to, we confided in the school faculties which to be honest, have been formidable. We can assert this with poise that every teacher who has taught or assigned our child, has brought about miniature but innumerable changes in his personality and prepared him to rise high, with his feet still to the ground, as a driving and influential Protagonist. He found his moral fiber, knowing that even if he falters, he will always have someone to come back to. Not just the Virtues, the amenity and Infrastructure at Ryan Malad have always made a difference. The anecdotes we hear from our child about all the activities held by the school make us even more grateful. The Smart Classrooms, the Palatial Auditorium, the Top-Notch Sports Turfs, the Next-Gen ATL Lab, Ryan Teen Camp, Theatre Festival, INMUN, Iceplex TV, Editorial Team, Orator’s Club, Student Council, Events and what not, this infinite list won’t ever near a close. The fact which intrigues us the most is the personal touch, an Approach, given by the elitist teachers and staff of the school to our child and the unending opportunities offered by the school, the thought of missing which could never even click our ward. We shall always love the care, Safety and Security given to the children, which can be deemed parallel to an Epitome of Heaven. The Words of Wit gifted to the children by Chairman Sir, Dr. Augustine Francis Pinto, in the form of the 12-Point Vision, Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto, in the form of the School’s Motto, and CEO, Mr. Ryan Pinto Sir in the form of the Ryan Slogan, have been a Haven from these Nobleties. In short, the words and vibes sent over by us, shout out that all the Bliss we owe to the Ryan Group, can be paid with nothing but Grace and Blessings.

Tasneem Mamawala - Ryan International School, Malad

Tasneem Mamawala

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers at Ryan International School, Malad ICSE, for guiding and inspiring my son Ebrahim. The school has innovative and caring teachers. Ryan International School truly upholds its motto in preparing my child for life. My son has developed both educationally and in his personality. I am proud of his confident nature, his enthusiasm for all things and his positive attitude.