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Simran Singhi - Ryan International School, Malad

Simran Singhi

It is extremely difficult to juggle academics with sports. Without the staunch support of my school Ryan International (ICSE), Malad, I would have never been a Badminton National Champion or an International Player. I remember, when I got selected to represent India in the Dutch and German Internationals. Unfortunately, the schedule of the tournaments was such that I would be in Germany on the day of my English 1 paper and because of that I would either have to lose the chance to represent my country or lose an academic year.
I was in a dilemma. But my school management rose in my support. The school coordinated with the ICSE Council and Badminton Association of India and organized my English 1 board paper in the Indian Embassy at Berlin. It was for the first time such a feat was performed and made front page news in Mumbai Mirror. Can you imagine any other school taking such an effort? That’s my school for you. I thank the staff and management especially Madam Grace Pinto and Augustine Pinto Sir for supporting me in every way. Be it supplementary exams, special tutorials, flexible timing or fee scholarship. I can’t imagine such support from any other school.

Sanika Gadgil - Ryan International School, Malad

Sanika Gadgil

I Sanika Gadgil from Ryan International School, Malad am very grateful to my Alma Mater that always believes that students are a blessing from God Almighty. Every Day during the School Assembly students were made to say in faith “I can, I must and I will be a winner”; These inspirational and motivational words made me believe in myself that could make a difference in climbing the ladder of success to achieve my goal for the Greater Glory of God Almighty. My teachers believed in my passion for dance and acting and here I am to prove them right. I am happy to make my school and teachers proud. I thank my school for moulding me to be a responsible citizen of our Motherland India. Thank you.

Hussain Basrai - Ryan International School, Malad

Hussain Basrai

At the culmination of this phenomenal journey of 13 years in this school, I was elated at receiving more than 99% in my Xth Standard board exam. I am grateful to the people who have helped me achieve so much; they are the charming gardeners who make my soul blossom. I would like to show my appreciation TO chairman sir, Dr. AF Pinto, for guiding me throughout these years with his 12 - point vision, which has inspired me throughout, and I am sure will continue to support me throughout my career, and for the time-table through which he guided us for the schedule of our days in Xth standard TO managing director, Madam Grace Pinto for her encouraging and loving words of care whenever she visited us TO CEO, Ryan Sir, Ms. Sonal and Ms. Snehal for always being so supportive and motivating The Ryan pledge, is “I CAN, I WILL AND I MUST BE A WINNER!” and I am proud to say today I fulfilled this pledge, TO headmistress Varsha Ms for her continuous guidance & encouragement throughout these years, TO all my teachers for their invaluable mentoring all the way from montessori to primary to secondary section, who have taught me so much, exceeding the walls of the classroom, TO my parents who have been with me and supported me throughout this journey.
Once again, a big THANK YOU to all those who have been a part of this exceptional journey. I have run out of words to describe the depth of my feeling of gratitude for you ! 

Vaishvik Kalpesh Parmar- Ryan International School, Malad

Vaishvik Kalpesh Parma

Ryanites!!...the students who need no introduction and are the one who stand ahead and are different from the whole crowd. I have been a student in the Ryan Group of institutions for 13 years. I had great memories with this institution. The teachers always had a supporting nature for all the students. Ryan also provides a huge platform to showcase our talent. I was in our school table tennis team and had also participated in many competitions. I have carried a suitcase of memories since 13 years and the most memorable one is the school assembly and the prayer songs. Time flew away so swiftly and the last year of school was spent recollecting the teachers and the friends of the past year. It was finally the boards where I met with an accident where my knee got dislocated and it ended up being a fracture. I lost hopes and felt that my whole year’s hard work was in vain. I also thought that I would have to repeat the whole year again when my parents discussed this problem with my class teacher Ms. Manju. She reported this problem immediately to our supervisor as the problem arrived during the boards. My supervisor Ms. Varsha helped me and supported me. She asked the council to grant me permission for writing my exams though I had a fracture. She played a great role for helping me to write my exams and that is how I gave my boards successfully. The days spent in the school are one of the best and I will cherish them forever.

P Bhavini- Ryan International School, Malad

P Bhavini

I joined Ryan as an 8th std student and ever since, I have received so much love and encouragement from the Ryan Family and my beautiful school, Ryan International, Malad. I came across a bunch of dear friends, and lovely teachers and staff who always supported me to look forward to my endeavours, be it studies or music. A big thank you to Madam Grace Pinto for always being there for me, and so much love to her for always having my back. I miss my school days. They were beautiful.