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Ms. Charu Srinivas - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Charu Srinivas

Respected Chairman Sir/Madam Grace Pinto I would like to thank Madam Grace Pinto, Principal and especially the entire team of teachers from Montessori to std X (Mr.Mitesh Mehta) for the wonderful support I had from the school. I had physical issues which included a lot of operations, but the teachers supported me very well. I also had a learning disability, so the teachers worked with us and extended great support at all times. And, it’s the support given by the Principal and management that helped me. I have learnt to be disciplined and well mannered. The school definitely has played a pivotal role in changing my life. Madam has changed my views of life and having new visions has been inspired by our dear Chairman Sir. My challenges were changed to opportunities by the team of teachers who guided me as I stepped from one class to another. To wrap it, I would always cherish my school days as I have transformed from a child to a teenager...I thank each one from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Rishi Mittal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my school for supporting me through my journey. I was in Ryan International School till 2014, and till that time the school gave me many opportunities to explore various extracurricular activities and expand my horizon. Also, holding my first leadership position at the school level helped me become more confident.

Rakshit Jain - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Rakshit Jain

I, Rakshit Jain alumni of Ryan International School Goregaon, Batch 2013, would like to thank Ryan International School for the platform it provided me during my academic years. The advantages of being in Ryan Group continued as I progressed in my career as I was recognised differently from the crowd. The overall grooming process has helped us out-stand from the rest.

Prekshaa Rungta - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Prekshaa Rungta

I am Prekshaa Rungta , a Grade 10 student of Ryan International School Goregaon [East] . I have been a part of this prestigious institute for 11 years and have not regretted any part of this journey. Since the start, this school has given me numerous opportunities and platforms to bring out and showcase my hidden talents. This message is a token of gratitude towards my school and I am writing this with utmost pride.
Right from the preliminary level , the school has paid individual attention to my progress and has turned my flaws into my strengths. From various speaking activities like elocution competitions and debates to creative writing , the school has helped me improve my speaking and writing skills as well as deal with my stage fright.
The school has given me a platform to explore my creative side and has conducted several workshops such as the mind genius workshop to increase my level of thinking out of the box. Our school also organizes various interactive sessions with people who are well experienced in their field to share their knowledge with us and increase awareness on many concerning situations like global warming, child safety , staying healthy , etc. The school has also held many activities for helping the underprivileged like visits to the old age home, orphanages and conducting food donation drives. The most successful initiative was the food bucket challenge which provided thousands of hungry children with delicious and nutritious food. Many social awareness activities are carried out by the students including the swachh bharat abhiyan and anti- pollution programs in which the students hit the streets and spread awareness amongst the common people. Large scale programs like the IAFA awards, World Scholar’s Cup, International Children’s festival of Performing Arts, Indian Model United Nation , etc. brings Ryanites from all around India to showcase their talents and push their limits to full extent . Our school council based on the actual Indian parliament brings out the leadership qualities in the students. We have always dreamt of having a green and clean world and therefore, on the occasion of every student’s birthday, he/she brings a sapling which is planted in our school garden and it’s a ryan tradition to give a sapling to every guest who comes to our school. Apart from this, we have Ryan zonals in which various sport competitions are conducted and the winners are felicitated by the honorable guests. The above mentioned things couldn’t have been possible without the support of our Chairman sir Dr. A.F Pinto and our managing director Madam Grace Pinto. They have acted as a great role model for all ryanites and have taught us that we can achieve anything if we have the will and ambition to do it. I am thankful to them for everything they have done for us and always been there for us throughout this wonderful journey.

Mr Arnav Deshpande - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Mr Arnav Deshpande

It has been a really wonderful experience. I had many friends who were always there for me. I had a very wonderful time thanks to my friends and friendly teachers. In short my school life was full of spice and fun. I had many ups and downs but if you ask me to describe it in one sentence then it will be “it was an experience which taught me many lessons which are useful throughout life.