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Mrs. Gayathri J – Parent of Shalini T (Class IV A) - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Mrs. Gayathri J – Parent of Shalini T (Class IV A)

This is regarding the various positive things I have observed in this school for the past one year. I have been really impressed since the very first day, with the introduction given by the staff and their friendly nature throughout the admission process. The team has been extremely helpful and is full of positive energy. Love the fact that we were not made to wait for long. Since we hail from south India, we had our concerns and apprehensions pertaining to our daughters comfort and adaptability. But we’ve never had to worry about it all thanks to the school. Ever since the start, our daughter was full of smiles and energy. She enjoys her mathematics class most of all. We are happy about the spacious classrooms, clean washrooms, reasonably huge play area, and other facilities available. The school has given us various opportunities for overall development, academic and otherwise. All the inter and intra school competitions organised have opened up new doors and given the kids a great platform. It really helps them develop in all possible ways. I am really proud to say my daughter studies in a concept oriented school rather than the school that forces her to get marks only. Each student gets the opportunity to play the role of a leader, which boosts their confidence. Teacher to the student ratio is good. Attention to each student is satisfactorily given. Activities are done regularly. School encourages teamwork among students. The prayers, singing, dancing, motivational talks during assembly are enjoyed by the students. The school has not only given opportunities to students but has also opened up avenues of learning for parents. The schools conduct a regular survey regarding social media, health of students and the results are also shared with the parents. All indicative of the fact that the school deeply cares for the students. Alumni achievements and students' achievements published in the portal inspires kids to aim high in their life. The school is extremely transparent, teachers are down to earth and I have seen principal ma’am working and her humbleness and dedication is commendable. She is a true inspiration. Thank you for playing a major role in my child’s overall development. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.


Ms. Ragini Bhargava - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Ragini Bhargava

I am a passionate maths teacher and I believe in teaching students using innovative technology encouraging active participation of the students. Unique teaching techniques help students in understanding concepts and its application in problem solving. This helps to train the students not only to prepare for the exams but also helps to discover their potential and interest in maths for career opportunities in the future. My commitment to teaching Maths this way strengthened, as I continue to find great success with it in my classroom. I can honestly say that I too love maths now not only teaching it but also learning along with my students as they share their strategies and I myself learn new ways of mathematical thinking. I am a convent educated individual with post graduation in Mathematics and B.Ed from prestigious Banasthali Vidyapeeth in Rajasthan, it is one of the most prominent institutes in Rajasthan for equipping teachers with effective teaching methods. My initial experience with the Modi Group of Institutes, one of the top Boarding Institutes in Rajasthan has helped me to apply some principles with students which I learnt during my education. My 10 years with Ryan Group of Institute have been very exciting, They have provided me a great platform and guidance to sharpen my teaching skills. A teacher's success is always determined by the success of their students, today most of the students I have had the opportunity of teaching are pursuing careers of their choice in India and abroad. Some of them have made it to IIT, IIM and MIT USA. Not the least we have excellent maths board results year after year, nevertheless students are being taken with remedial classes and we have been putting extra efforts for students who need it.
Just as a token of appreciation, the toppers of the school have been from my class year after year.

Ms. Naindeep Kaur - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Naindeep Kaur

Being a Ryan teacher, I have always felt motivated and empowered to teach. I feel honored to work with such professional and positive administration and staff. The 13 points vision of our Chairman Sir Dr. A.F Pinto has made us work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education and all round personality development. I have chosen to be a part of the Ryan family because I have always enjoyed interacting with students, helping them grasp new concepts and acquire new skills and I have always felt that Ryan fosters a proper environment for student and teacher development. I would like to thank Managing Director Madam Dr. Grace Pinto for giving us so much love and care.

Ms. Swapna Torane - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Swapna Torane

It can only be called God’s miracle if you find yourself working as a teacher in one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. It helped me grow tenfold in terms of integrity, self discipline and humility. I learnt what it means to teach and to be a learner as well. My superiors are my anchors and my students - the future of a better world.

Ms. Seema Khare - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Seema Khare

One of the fortunate days of my life that delighted me with lots of bliss and confidence was 2nd January, 2008 when I joined Ryan family at the Goregaon (East) Branch. I thought and expected that it would be a position of a Hindi Teacher as usual. But I was surprised when a simple Hindi Teacher job started unfolding gradually. It started giving me greater on-the- job roles and opportunities that were priceless. From teaching methods to students’ personality development, from examination management to value based classes from institutional discipline to remarkable leadership and control all the tenets of the best educational institution, everything was getting assimilated in my personality. Over a period of time, new confidence, command over language and expression was experienced. In fact, at Ryan a ‘New Me’ emerged performing at the highest level. I started imparting whatever I received from the institution. Moreover, our dear Chairman Sir’s 12 vision points which inspired me deeply and have helped me excel in the institution are the value system, leadership, philanthropy, finance, media, environment, entrepreneurship, development of human resources, health, sports, art & culture. I personally feel that these 12 points have not only been effective in providing a broader platform of growth but they have made my various roles more effective and meaningful in the overall growth of the Institution.
I extend my humble thanks and gratitude to the Chairman, Dr. A. F. Pinto Sir and Managing Director Dr. Grace Pinto Madam who have kindly provided me support in achieving ‘New Me’

Ms. Sridevi Singh - Ryan International School, Goregaon East

Ms. Sridevi Singh

Ryan International School Goregaon is an impressive organization that makes educators feel supported and equipped in their effort to change the lives of young learners. I personally feel honored to work with such professional and positive people. Since the moment I was appointed at Ryan International School I felt like a part of the family. I feel so motivated and empowered to teach. Staff here at Ryan International School, Goregaon East work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education in every field, be it academics or extracurriculars.