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Prajwal More - Ryan International School, Chembur

Prajwal More

I see Ryan International School as a lighthouse of education Bestowing knowledge as well as ethical conduct upon us. It’s a Privilege to be connected to this institution. It is a place where I Gained knowledge, self discipline and confidence which is needed for survival in the outer world.

Tanisha Chugh - Ryan International School, Chembur

Tanisha Chugh

Ryan International School provides a student- friendly atmosphere which integrates academics with extracurricular activities,therefore, helping in all round development of a student. I would like to thank Chairman sir , Managing Director madam, Principal miss and all my teachers for always guiding me and ensuring that I put my best foot forward. The 9 years of schooling at Ryan have moulded me into a confident individual.

Karishma Sewani - Ryan International School, Chembur

Karishma Sewani

My experience in Ryan International School, Chembur was tremendous. I found the course curriculum to be challenging but rewarding. Teachers here are very helpful and caring. I use the knowledge and skills I learnt in this school even today. The curriculum not only focuses on academics but also involves other co-curricular activities such as arts, music, dance and sports which helps in the overall growth of the student. Various educational trips and opportunities were being provided. One of my best experience was being a part of INMUN. It really helped me with my buggies fear of public speaking. Overall I am proud to have been a part of Ryan family. It has indeed played an important in shaping my personality and growth.

Ziyad Khan - Ryan International School, Chembur

Ziyad Khan

I would like to thank all my teachers at Ryan International school for pushing me to my maximum potential in order to excel. It has helped me inculcate major values that will help me in the walk of life. Studying was always made easy and non-academic fields were also taken into account.

Tanmay Ghodmare - Ryan International School, Chembur

Tanmay Ghodmare

School life in Ryan was amazing. There were lots of competitions and activities which helped me shape my personality. Camp was probably the best experience we had. We had the most fun and we bonded with a lot with friends. All our teachers were very caring and supportive.