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Mst. Alden D’Souza - Ryan International School, Yelahanka - Ryan Group

Mst. Alden D’Souza

My name is Alden D’Souza and I am an alumnus of Ryan International School, Yelahanka, Bangalore. I had the honour of studying at the school for 12 long years and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in law at School of Law, Christ(Deemed to be) University, Bangalore. An interesting quote that I came across, summarises my schooling at Ryan Yelahanka and that is, “What we learn becomes a part of who we are”. My 12 years at Ryan has shaped the kind of person I am today. The skills I picked along the way define who I am. I owe a lot to the school because of the exposure I was able to get while studying in Ryan. Some of my interests today that have allowed me to choose my career path or excel in other activities that I took up are thanks to what I did at Ryan. One of the defining aspects about me is my flair for public speaking. I had the opportunity to attend Indian Model United Nations as a part of a delegation and there started my endeavour in public speaking. Today, I've had the opportunity to not just participate in over 40 conferences and also had the opportunity to chair a conference in Jakarta as well as in Dubai. I also owe this to the opportunity I got at teen camp where the various activities gave me a platform to hone these skills. The other pertinent skill that I learned was leadership. In school I never understood the importance of the position of Prime Minister in the Student Council. It was merely a position that I held and to do the duties prescribed to me. But being able to carry out the initiatives in that position has made me a person who works well in teams and later on I was able to take those experiences and host major events in the future. Today I run a student platform that makes podcasts and I wouldn’t have been able to handle this responsibility had I not been given such an opportunity before. There are a lot of things that I can thank the school for, but that would take a while. Lon Watters once said, “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” and that was what Ryan Yelahanka was to me.

Ms. Rajpreet Anand - Ryan International School, Yelahanka - Ryan Group

Ms. Rajpreet Anand

I am Rajpreet Anand and I have completed my schooling in 2016. My experience at Ryan was very eventful and a good one. Ryan has always challenged me by giving me opportunities; one of the biggest opportunities was being a part of the school council. I have attended the BBN course and it has helped me voice my opinion. The best part about the school were the teachers, they have been supportive and extremely understanding since Day 1. They helped me make some major and important decisions; one of them was selecting my subject which gave me a clear path to choose my career. Ryan isn't only academically efficient but also helps you grow in the field of sports. They help one bring discipline in their life. I believe my Ryan experience was one of the most unforgettable experiences, the environment of the school; everything has shaped me into a confident and disciplined person.

Ms. Ashmi Apoorva - Ryan International School, Yelahanka - Ryan Group

Ms. Ashmi Apoorva

My gratitude towards Ryan International School. I am Ashmi Apoorva, an alumnus of Ryan International School Yelahanka. My years at Ryan had been a glorious abundance of joy, learning and building of moral grounds that have allowed me to prosper as a person.
“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai. Over the years, school life has shaped me as an individual and formed the very base of who I, now, am. The contribution of the teachers and their arduous work put into the development of students certainly compels me to owe the highest degree of gratitude to them. Ryan had the best of the best. Education, sports and extra-curricular activities have all been given the utmost attention. All in all, the all-round development of a pupil has been the prime motto of Ryan.

Ms. Aastha Agarwal - Ryan International School, Yelahanka - Ryan Group

Ms. Aastha Agarwal

We have been a part of the Ryan family since we were three and have spent nearly thirteen years of our lives here, receiving not only academic development in the most supportive environment but also receiving exposure in various co-curricular activities. The Ryan group of institutions truly upholds its motto “Excellence in education and all round development”, by preparing us for life and proving as a great contributor to the development of our personalities. The relationship between the faculty and students is very cordial and it gave us the opportunity to excel in our areas of interests. The creativity and resourcefulness we have was unlocked here through teen camp, model united nations and various inter school competitions.Ryan served as a place for learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. We learnt time management and team skills thereby coping with the dynamic environment.
Largely, this was the place where we made memories to cherish for lifetime and found the best amalgamation of learning.

Ms. Ankita Chatterjee - Ryan International School, Yelahanka - Ryan Group

Ms. Ankita Chatterjee

Ryan International School (RIS) Yelahanka is one of the best schools when it comes to holistic development. I’ve finished my 10th standard from RIS Yelahanka and without a grain of doubt I can say that this school offers some of the best extra-curricular programs along with the academic curriculum. The school also has a very democratically elected students council every year that shapes the leadership skills of the members in every sphere of life starting from management to public speaking. The school encourages students to reduce their stage fright by constantly ensuring that every child speaks on stage during assemblies and other programs. The school provides comprehensive career counselling for 10th standard students so that they could explore sectors/branches of academia that they are most inclined towards. There are varieties of workshops that are conducted every year ranging from soft skills development to more specific skill sets like how to appear for an interview or how to crack an entrance exam. They also organize different fests that students across different schools partake in and learn from. I finished my 10th standard from this school in the year 2012 with a 91% score and I currently work with one of the Big 4 firms as a risk advisory professional and the learnings that I’ve had from Ryan will always me embedded in who I am and who I become.