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Mrs. Sheetima Nicholas - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Mrs. Sheetima Nicholas

"It is my immense pleasure to share my testimonial for Ryan International School, Ravigram. My daughter, Sheryl, has been studying here for the last 2 years and I have had a great experience with the school. The school has provided a safe and comfortable environment for my daughter to learn and develop. Ryan is a truly child-centric, child-focused, and child-friendly school. Their curriculum encourages independence as well as a team learning experience for the kids. I am very happy with the portal (app), as this portal provides information regarding our kid's activities, classwork, homework, etc on a daily basis. I feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers. I would like to congratulate and thank you for the tremendous efforts you all put in for the graduation day. It was almost overwhelming to see my daughter shine so brightly with confidence. My daughter is able to learn moral values, etiquette, and also started speaking short sentences in English on her own. Ryan provides high quality and faith-based education in a family-type environment. They are successfully preparing our children for their future education, growth, and development. I am, indeed, deeply grateful towards the school staff members for all your love, care, guidance, support, and hard work towards my child."

Mrs. Vidhi Taori - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Mrs. Vidhi Taori

“I feel blessed and honored that my kids are a part of Ryan International School, Ravigram. The experience at Ryan school is highly gratifying. The teachers are very hardworking and loving. They provide proper guidance to all the students. The school focuses on the scholastic development of the child by conducting various activities, field trips, and competitions throughout the year. It is very easy and convenient for parents to communicate with the teachers and school management through the Ryan parent portal app.”

Mrs. Swapna Swagatika - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Mrs. Swapna Swagatika

“I write to applaud Ryan International School, Ravigram which has a very unique system that meets every parents’ needs. The teachers are very qualified and they put their best effort to make every student successful. The staff is excellent and the rules help to keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning activities that help the students become a complete person. Our son and daughter have discovered themselves at Ryan and have become more confident and aware.”

Mrs. Seema Adwani - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Mrs. Seema Adwani

“As responsible, aware, and conscious parents, choosing the right school forwards is a nervous decision, especially when there are so many schools to choose from. After observing the development of my wards for four years, Ryan International School, Ravigram has been able to meet our expectations. The methodologies employed by the school, which are executed efficiently by its Principal and teachers, cultivate not only academic development but also other essential skills like sports, cultural activities, communication, and development of personalities of its pupils. The school has well designed convenient channels of daily communication with parents by means of an easy to use portal keeping the parents informed about activities, classwork, homework, and progress of wards. Based on my experiences I would recommend Ryan International School, Ravigram to all the parents who are looking for a responsible school for their child's admission. I am sure the school will scale even greater heights in the quality of schooling going forward.”

Mrs. Anu Khanna - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Mrs. Anu Khanna

"Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. My son, Mst. Archit Khanna Joined your esteemed organization three years back and we are more than satisfied with the amazing growth of our son and being associated with "Ryan International School". The school's cordial environment, well-trained teachers, spacious play area, indoor and outdoor activities play a significant role not only academically, but also in other areas of school life. The school has been growing over the years and we are proud of the way facilities are being arranged and expanded. The Ryan parent portal app, which is so informative and legible, has eased communication and information to be shared.”