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Rekha Jajodiea - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Rekha Jajodiea

I am very glad for the four years that I spent at Ryan Ravigram. The best thing about my school life has been the support and guidance that I got from my Principal and my teachers. They made me feel like I was at home. I am still in contact with my teachers and staff who still guide me and help me make right decisions. The perfect thing about this school is that it focused not only on studies, but also on curricular activities. Being the President of the school, I have inculcated leadership qualities in me. I would also like to mention that the melodious prayer songs, sports day events, and award distribution ceremonies are my best memories of school. I thank each member of Ryan International School who provided me a path to success. Ryan International School is the best school in the city.

Murtza Mohammed Yaqub Azmi - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Murtza Mohammed Yaqub Azmi

Visiting the school a few days back, I rushed in the memories of those golden days that we lived, the days when we were way smaller for this magnificent world, the days that shaped us into what we are today. This school looks like any other school but feels like a different world in itself. It has an environment, nurturing the delicate minds of kids caring for their needs,imparting education, and nourishing the students wholesomely. Ryan International School for sure gives us all a stage to realize our potentials, our capabilities, our fears, and our strengths. With its immensely free and liberating ambiance, it gives young minds access to their inner thoughts and the power to utilize these thoughts for the betterment of one's life It is said what you learn is what you preach, and Ryan International School has brought up good leaders. Without Ryan International School life would never have been the same.

Resham Pandey - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Resham Pandey

I have spent 8 years at Ryan International School and my experience of learning there was amazing. The atmosphere is friendly, and the staff, so kind and helpful. I truly had the best experience of learning there and it provides you with everything you need to enhance your skills. The academic part is great with such cooperative and guiding teachers to help you with your stuff. Good facilities, best morning assembly along with prayer songs, and other cultural social activities make the school different from other learning platforms out there. I highly recommend this school to everyone.

Jai Raj Choudhary - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Jai Raj Choudhary

Words cannot describe my life at Ryan International School. This place has taught me everything that a student needs to learn, from teamwork to taking a stand for oneself, from cooperation to making the best of any situation. Two things that I am most grateful to this institution are improving my confidence level and my communication skills. I want to thank all the faculty members of the school, especially my class teacher Mr. Deepak Sahu and the Principal, Mrs. Dhaneshwari Sharma for the constant support and help in studies and for the guidance they have given, and not to forget the Assembly which was the best part of my school life and for every student of this institution.

Shreyanshi Shrivastava - Ryan International School, Ravigram

Shreyanshi Shrivastava

School life and school memories are an indispensable part of an individual's life and my case is definitely not an exception. My journey as a Ryanite began with class 5 and continued till class 12th, and I must say those 7 years are the most visible part of my life. I still remember our school's motto - "Excellence in education and all-round development". Clearly, the environment at the school helps us not just do well in academics, but also helps us cultivate those parameters which definitely helped us form an individual personality. The best of all was the morning assembly which gave a cheerful start to our day and also helped us connect spiritually to the Almighty God. Ryan not just gave me long-lasting friends for life but also gave me the supporting and warm behavior of teachers which is something I shall remember for a long time. To summarize I learned creativity, had fun and made memories to last for a lifetime at Ryan International School.