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Seena Mishra - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Seena Mishra

I am very happy and satisfied with my decision of having sent my children to Ryan - Kandivali. The course curriculum has been designed thoughtfully right from Montessori to 10th. I am amazed by the number of different activities happening at any given point of time. The various academic, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities conducted by the school allows the students to discover and showcase their abilities and also to develop new skills and talents. These activities hone the leadership skills, team work, and competitiveness and instill confidence and make them self assured. The staff and administrators are very caring, cooperative and empathetic towards the students even while instilling discipline.


Sushmita Bhattacharjee - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Sushmita Bhattacharjee

I have been associated with Ryan International School, Kandivali for the last five years as a secondary school Teacher. This journey has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I’ve grown as a matured teacher, gained a broader perspective, expanded the horizons of my knowledge. This was because of the supportive, enthusiastic, and encouraging environment of the school administration. Our beloved and respected Chairman Sir Dr. A. F. Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto provided ample opportunities in every field. We have been trained to keep a pace with a lot of changes in the educational system. Apart from teaching I was fortunate enough to be a part of different events like Pray for India, ICFPA, WSC, Teen camp (Mumbai) which made me realise that learning is a lifelong process.The school offers great work culture which keeps everyone on their toes thus making the situations challenging and exciting. Ryan taught me to follow my passion, be ready to work hard and don’t limit my dreams.

Peu Roy - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Peu Roy

Being proudly associated with Ryan International School Kandivali (CBSE) for the last 5 years as secondary teacher has given me ample experience and exposure to explore an entirely new arena of teaching learning process. Here, at Ryan, the management has trained us to acquire 21st century skills and upgraded our core competencies by providing a progressive platform to groom ourselves. Our mentor and guiding star, Dr. A.F.Pinto always advocates “Each Ryanite is a king and queen in the making”, imparting us the true spirit of child centric learning. I have been fortunate enough to attend several cultural and international events- WSC, ICFPA, Social Service Teen Camp, Pray for India, which made me realise that learning is a life-long journey. The bonding among the staff members, mutual respect, solidarity and togetherness, makes the journey worthwhile. Looking forward to continued collaboration with this global institute of repute.

Vijayalakshmi Sriram - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Vijayalakshmi Sriram

In the 21st century where the only thing that is permanent is change, the school is always upskilling and upgrading the teachers involved to enable proactive teaching learning processes. Here apart from the board guided workshop we are trained to be tech savvy, develop modern teaching methodology, soft skill and others required to involve the children. Under the constant guidance and mentoring of our Chairman Dr A.F Pinto and Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto, we strive to bring excellence in all areas of student life. I feel blessed by the Almighty Lord to be a part of a growing organization. We in Ryan believe in nurturing and developing the latent talents of children. The learning never stops for teachers.

Deepali Vinod Mehta - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Deepali Vinod Mehta

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“, which is what we Ryan teachers do. Myself, Mrs. Deepali Mehta, teacher of Ryan international school – Kandivali, teaching grade V – F would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for giving me an opportunity to serve you since the last 10 years and making me part of the blessed Ryan fraternity. Teaching has always been my passion since childhood, but this passion turned into a profession only after joining Ryan which helped me bloom and grow from a teacher to a facilitator and from a facilitator to a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and a trainer. I am glad that I grew at par since the school’s philosophies matched mine and was always motivated by our Respected Chairman Sir Dr. A.F. Pinto’s twelve point vision which touched every aspect of my life.

Abhilasha Dhanote - Ryan International School, Kandivali East

Abhilasha Dhanote

As it is said by Benjamin Franklin “An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Myself, Mrs. Abhilasha Dhanote, would like to extend warm gratitude from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to serve your renowned institute for 4 years. Not only the students but the teachers too have prospered and bloomed under the vision of the Respected Chairman Sir. The vision is like the foundation stone to help build a great character. I can proudly say I am a Teacher in Ryan Group of Schools.