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Manmeet Kaur Grewal - Ryan International School, Dugri

Manmeet Kaur Grewal

I have been part of Ryan Group of Institutions for the 13 most precious years of my life. I remember my teachers being extremely supportive and helpful, my peers being very kind and an extremely friendly and healthy environment to study and grow in. The person that I have become today, I owe completely to my teachers at Ryan International School, Dugri. I feel emotional when I recall my memories of this school. I miss the warmth and excitement that I felt every morning when I woke up to go to school. I even got a chance to go to Mumbai to participate in BBN Beyond Breaking News and to the United States of America to visit NASA. I will forever be grateful for the memories, the experiences, the knowledge and the wisdom that I gained from this prestigious institute and it will forever hold a very special place in my heart. I will always be proud to call myself a RYANITE.

Ria Jain - Ryan International School, Dugri

Ria Jain

I joined Ryan International School when I was in the 6th standard. My journey in Ryan has been a memorable one. The best thing about Ryan are the teachers who are really supportive, patient and who helped me gain moral values and confidence which is helping me even today and will continue to do so in my life. Speaking about the extracurricular activities, I got a lot of opportunities to stand in front of the audience and conquer my stage fear. I participated in almost every competition, be it of dance, art, sports, or orating.
Along with it, I participated in different events in Delhi and Mumbai like World Scholar's Cup where I was awarded a Bronze medal and Beyond Breaking News BBN which helped me learn a lot about journalism. Honestly, these experiences at a young age have been beneficial and are helping me even now.
The structure of Ryan is quite well defined as we had our own parliament and all the students had the chance to choose their ministers. Every time you contest an election and win, it gives you a proud feeling and a sense of achievement. I held the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker in the Student Council and was the captain of Einstein house. I learnt how to manage a team and motivated others to do better. The cherry on the cake was the title of Ryan Princess at my farewell.
Whenever I think about my days at Ryan, I have so much to say, because it has been a very fulfilling journey. I have won many medals and awards which I treasure till this day and cherish all the wonderful time I had in this school. I will always be proud to be a Ryanite

Unnati Verma - Ryan International School, Dugri

Unnati Verma

My school life is no less than a treasure for me, which I can cherish all my life. These 15 years will always remain the best, whatsoever happens. I have been fortunate enough to be the member of the ‘RYAN FAMILY’, where I have not just been inculcated with good quality education but other important characteristics, be it taking part in the school council or all the other inter/intra house competitions.
Our teachers who have always been a pillar of support are unforgettable. One of my best school memories is definitely being crowned as ‘RYAN PRINCESS’. I would also like to thank my Principal and all the teachers for their constant love and support.
I am a proud Ryanite.

Simran - Ryan International School, Dugri


School life is the most unforgettable period of anyone’s life, but mine was nothing less than a sweet dream. The school has not only taught us academics but also about the world beyond academics. It has inculcated good values, ethics and confidence in us. The school parliament has made us develop leadership skills. On being elected the President of the school council, I learnt team- spirit, leadership, co- operation and may more values. The Ryan group also provided us with various platforms wherein we can showcase our talents. World Scholar Cup 2013 was such a platform for me. The school doesn’t restrict its learning inside its premises and believes at hand on learning. The International Theatre Festival was a marvelous part of my journey where we exchanged cultures with different countries. Getting the title of Ryan Princess was the most memorable part of my Ryan Journey. Overall, my journey at Ryan has made me a better student and a better person too.

Jasman Kaur - Ryan International School, Dugri

Jasman Kaur

Ryan is the second home to me where I spent the most memorable years of my life. I had my complete grooming here. I still remember how nervous and under confident girl I was when I first came to Ryan. But the opportunities provided in this school with the help of caring teachers and supportive friends made me capable and confident. I will miss everything, being the Prime Minister of the school council, I really enjoyed fulfilling my responsibilities. To scribble all that I have achieved at Ryan is quite difficult. I have developed myself, rediscovered my confidence and capabilities and now I am ready to soar high with the wings provided by my mentors. Heartfelt gratitude to Headmistress mama and all my loving teachers.