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Mr Parvinder Singh & Charanjeet Kaur - Ryan International School, Dugri

Mr Parvinder Singh & Charanjeet Kaur

Both our kids have been studying at Ryan International School, Dugri from the beginning. Their journey so far has made them resourceful and competent in their work. Ryan mixes academics with extracurricular activities, giving way to holistic development of a child. Our daughters are always eager to go to school since the environment at Ryan is friendly, welcoming and inspiring to their young minds. The teachers are always ready to answer queries, whether they are related to students, about work, or something the parents want to discuss. In this manner, they are very understanding. Each child is given utmost attention. I'm honestly very appreciative for everything the school has done for my children.


Ms. Harsimran Kaur - Ryan International School, Dugri

Ms. Harsimran Kaur

My journey at Ryan, Dugri has been spectacular so far! The school has positive vibes that makes it a beautiful place not only for students but also for teachers and supporting staff. Teaching at Ryan has been a great experience thanks to our mentors. They are not only excellent educators but wonderful motivators as well. At Ryan, I thoroughly enjoy teaching utilizing various learning techniques. Ryan laid a strong foundation by providing an open platform for students to learn in a more practical and interesting way. The best thing about Ryan is that every member is treated respectfully and welcomed with the same pace. I would like to thank Ryan for making me a better teacher everyday.

Ms. Inderjeet Kaur - Ryan International School, Dugri

Ms. Inderjeet Kaur

I have been working in Ryan International School, Dugri since 2011. Ryan Group is one of the finest and renowned educational institutions in India. Being a part of this institution is nothing short of a phenomenal experience. The school prioritizes children’s all round development while conducting initiatives like webinars/workshops to enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers. Our exemplary mentors are always there to guide us at every step. I feel extremely proud to be a part of this institution!

Swati Bhutani - Ryan International School, Dugri

Swati Bhutani

Ryan international school opens opportunities for those who have the qualities of hard work, and strong determination and zeal to learn new things . My journey began with Ryan Dugri started in August 2014 , where I joined as a Montessori teacher . Soon enough, I was granted the opportunity to become the Section Head of Montessori. Since then, I never looked back. Ryan not only brings positive changes in students and guarantees holistic development; it also involves teachers in this process as well. We are given many platforms to overcome our fear and showcase our talents. A teacher of Ryan is not limited to her subject, she is an all-rounder. She is a good mentor, a versatile speaker, a creative artist, a social representative and a better human. The school has helped me strengthen my character.

Ms. Madhumita Roy - Ryan International School, Dugri

Ms. Madhumita Roy

Teaching at Ryan Dugri has been a great experience of 9 years. The school’s management comprises of an experienced Head Mistress and supportive coordinators who have mentored us throughout our journey. Here I learnt that one’s quality teaching experience rather than the number of years matters. I have personally received positive support from each section of the school including admin, teachers and the support staff. The best thing about Ryan International School is every member is treated respectfully and welcomed warmly. Our strength is our “Team Work”. At any given situation you can seek help from our colleagues, they are extremely cooperative. I am really enjoying being part of this magnificent institution.

Ms. Gaurav Marwaha - Ryan International School, Dugri

Ms. Gaurav Marwaha

It has been more than five years working at Ryan and I couldn’t be happier! Here, students not only get quality education, but teachers also learn and improve their teaching skills constantly. As a teacher, I experienced that Ryan International School pushes us to explore our talents and helps in discovering self-belief and self-confidence. Working here, I learned how one can become a multi-tasker and improve the quality of hard work. It has been great fun, joy and experience working with kids of Montessori section to students of 10th class. I have seen my students improving their learning skills, fitness skills, mental toughness and on stage confidence and presence. Moreover, students also learn the social and cultural values from many school events and activities. I feel very lucky and blessed to be associated with Ryan International School.