Founder’s Day

Date : 28 August, 2019

Ryan International School Mansarovar, Jaipur had a joyous celebration of the Founder’s Day on 28th August, 2019. The course of festivity and gratitude fully clad the hearts and souls of all the Ryanites. The middle wing presented a gala show of creativity and honor to mark the specialty of this great day. A special assembly presented utter liveliness where the young darlings; with their props visuals, sounds and the background display of Happy Birthday Collage, set an amazing platform of festivity. The wishes of young ones hence hummed a tune of action in form of the special song, a skit on the theme trustworthiness and a birthday song by the teachers and students, marveled the dawn with its enthralling ecstasy. The creative instinct of the young ones was further reinforced with distribution of winning trophies and the certificates of merit for their respective laurels at city and state level.

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