Date : 26 December, 2019

Ryan International School, Mansarovar, Jaipur, witnessed the sensation of sportive splendor during the Annual Sports Meet 2019 organized on 26th December, 2019 and 27th December, 2019 respectively for Junior and Senior wing and the same was instrumental to spread the surge of excitement amongst the students. The opening ceremony of the Sports Meet was organized in the presence of Mr. Rajendra Sharma a renowned athlete and international sports prodigy who had declared the meet open. There were hues of culture tradition and gaiety in the welcome gesture showcased by the young darlings. The presence of parents made the event a special fascination that not only limited their stay in the guest lobby but also stepped in the sports arena to join the sports activities as there were sports matches organized for mothers and fathers. A lot of cheer and backing up was seen when the parents made a joyful noise for their energetic offspring. Races like Lemon and Spoon, Hurdle Race &Bun and Carrot etc had amused the participants and the parents. Ryan Cricket Cup 2019 Winners and Runners Up – Raman International School Jaipur and Ryan VT Jaipur had been the respective winners and runners up. Mr. N.S Chauhan, Director Raman International School along with Mr. Naman Kandoi , the CEO Global Institute of Technology awarded the winners with medals. The participants were ecstatic to receive the blessings of all the guests and parents. The school Principal Mrs. Sarita Katiyar thanked the guests and parents who had come to inspire the students. The students had been urged to carry on their perseverance and touch the greater heights in time to come.

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