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Mr. D Das - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Mr. D Das

The school is a prestigious institution where talent is not only nurtured but also encouraged. It provides a space to open the mind and gives the ability to look at the world through genius eyes. Ryan School International Rohini has changed my daughter’s overall development in a positive dimension, not only in academics but also in sports, debates, singing, craftwork, etc. The school has always helped improve her qualities. Her communication skills have also been getting better day by day. Moreover, it was never possible without the cooperation of all the respected teachers. I am grateful that my daughter is part of her dream school.

Mr. Pawan Gupta - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Mr. Pawan Gupta

Ever since my son Master Saiansh Gupta took admission in RIS Rohini, I have seen not only a wondrous change for the better, but a total metamorphosis in his entire personality.
The holistic style of education provided under the school’s able, astute and stern but amiable aegis, makes it the most sought after academic institution.
The vast imposing infrastructure, the palatial edifice, playgrounds etc. make for the perfect backdrop for education.
We are truly indebted to the school for raising and making the upbringing of our son Master Saiansh Gupta to our complete satisfaction.

Ms. Shallu Mukhija - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Ms. Shallu Mukhija

Ryan International School, Rohini has given wings to my child’s abilities. The school has always promoted young budding Ryanites in all fields. My child has become an all-rounder, all because of the guidance of the teachers at school.
The multifaceted platform provided by the school plays a vital role in shaping young minds. I have seen a great positive change in my child Aaditya Mukhija (Class VIII) since the beginning. He has become a more confident child. The school has given exposure to various fields like MUN, Street Plays, Debate etc.
The morning assemblies have boosted his confidence and improved his communication skills. Being part of the Council, he is learning about leadership and how to carry responsibilities. The various environmental campaigns have made him aware of the environment, making him a responsible citizen of the future.
The experienced teachers in the school are the greatest asset to the school and for the students, with their guidance and knowledge, my kid is benefitting each day.
I feel my child is lucky to be a part of the Ryan family.

Dr. Geeta Singh

Dr. Geeta Singh

I feel proud to be associated with Ryan International School through my ward Master Shubham Singh (G-2, Sector 11, Rohini, Delhi). The school has been able to inculcate great virtues in the character and personality of the students.
The school is not only imparting quality education but ensuring the overall development of the young minds. Equal importance is given to activities supporting the enhancement of mental and physical strength of the students.
I hope that my son will become a better Global citizen in association with the (Ryan international School).
I wish every child to be fortunate enough to have such a wonderful institution and school like RIS, which would help them in holding the Indian Flag high in every field of civilization.
I wish all the very best to Ryan international School, in their endeavour to shape the future of India by training sharp young minds diligently.
God bless and Live Long Ryan International School, G-2, Sector-11, Rohini.

Ms. Asha Sharma

Ms. Asha Sharma

I am mother to Annanta Sharma; I feel she is really blessed to be a part of the prestigious institute, Ryan International School.
Her teachers are flexible and create such an environment that makes her independent and creative. She has always been motivated to participate in sports quiz contests, group discussions etc. All these have improved her personality and made her a better child and student.
She has become more sincere, responsible, truthful and obedient. Thanks to the institute again for pushing her to preserve through hard times.
Teachers are the stable and constant voice in her life that speaks to her confidence and goodness. Open communication has built a genuine relationship between her and her teachers.
The impact is so great that it has helped her to find her worth and identity. We again thank the school for the tremendous development of our child.


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