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Aroonica Ojha - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Aroonica Ojha

A school provides structured education and promotes the child’s mental and psychological growth. At school children are exposed to various sources from home they can improve knowledge instrumental for their development. My school has helped a lot in my overall development, that is, developing my social skills, building my self-confidence and building character. Best thing for the encouragement and the motivation for the students are giving the awards for every field. So, I would like to thank my school and the teachers for my overall development and encouraging me to take up new challenges. I promise that I will make Ryan International School a proud one! Thank you for everything!

Sarthak Talwar - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Sarthak Talwar

My journey in the school that started in the year 2011 has been amazing and worth remembering. Throughout my 8 years of schooling at Ryan International School I have had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. The school has provided me with an apt platform to fly with vibrant colours infusing in me the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence and moulding me into a distinctively new person. Big thanks to our faculty for nurturing me and upbringing my talent and making me a role model for other students.

Aarushi Garg - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Aarushi Garg

My school is not just a building, but a family to me. It is like a platform for me to express my hidden talents and potential.
My school has provided growth and development and a conducive environment to me. Here I not only learn academic skills but also, many other life skills. My school is like a fountain of knowledge for me. It gives me a chance to acquire knowledge on various fields of education. It contributes to cultivation in my thought process. My school is important to me, as it teaches me to build relationships with others, which increases my confidence. Thus my school has helped me to become an all-rounder.

Vritty Munjal - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Vritty Munjal

Ryan International School plays an important role in helping children learn to interact positively with their peers and teachers. They help us to learn about healthy relationship skills and develop us further through interactions. My school has played a very significant role in changing a quiet and shy girl into a confident and vibrant one. The staff at Ryan’s has always been extremely supportive in showing me the right path. I remember I was a very shy girl but my teachers saw that talent in me which I could not see.
So, I Vritty Munjal, a student of class 8, would like to thank my school and my amazing teachers for always believing in me when I did not. You not only made me a proud Ryanite but a nice human being by my heart and soul. Thank you for everything.

Kartavya Chawla - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, G-2

Kartavya Chawla

Having a long history with RIS Rohini I consider this school one of the best schools. The school has played an important role in helping me learn to interact positively with my peers and teachers. I learnt about healthy relationship skills and developed them further through interactions, both in the classroom and on the playground. From early on, I was often exposed to different nationalities, cultures and traditions, helping to shape my viewpoint of the world around me. As I got older, my school offered a variety of extracurricular opportunities.
In a single place, I can join the badminton team, volunteer to work with juniors, be a part of the school council, and give the disaster management club a try. All of these experiences help to develop my interests, build self-esteem and shape the course of my later academic and professional life.


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