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World Animal Day


Description of the event in 80- 100 words: World Animal Day as the name suggests is a day entirely dedicated to the existence of the animal life in all its forms across the world. Every year on 4th October, this day is celebrated to understand and appreciate their bond with us, the human beings.A Special Assembly was held at Ryan, Preet Vihar to mark the occasion under the Vision Point 'Values, Education' given by our Respected Chairman Sir ,Dr.A.F.Pinto and Managing Director Madam, Dr.Grace Pinto.

Stories were dramatized by the teachers and children were explained about the relationship of human beings with the animal kingdom.The prime objective of celebrating World Animal Day was to use this special day to sensitize children and make them appreciate animals and their habitats.Children were encouraged to watch television channels viz. Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic to gain insight into the different species of animal life. Pre School children actively participated in Quiz on the topic -"Animals" organised for them by wearing the masks of their favourite animals.At the end of the day children were told to save & protect animals everyday.