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"The best way of learning about anything is by doing." The objective of education is to prepare the young ones for their holistic development. With this view in mind, a day-long excursion to Kidzania was organised for the children of Pre School and Pre Primary on 18th October'2022 under the Vision Point 'Values and Education' given by our Respected Chairman Sir, Dr.A.F.Pinto an Managing Director Madam, Dr.Grace Pinto. Unlike any traditional theme park or entertainment zone, Kidzania provides an environment that empowers kids to explore the wide and amazing world. It is a Global Indoor Entertainment and Learning Center for children that emulates the working of a real city built to scale for kids. Little ryanites were ready to take up any challenge that came their way to earn Kidzos. It provided firsthand experience of different occupations and careers that they could explore. Kidzania had mini set ups for Chocos, Parle G,Frooti, Petrol pump, Big Bazaar, Fire Station, etc. The students indulged in various activities which stimulated their creative thinking and boosted their self confidence. The excursion strengthened in them the bond of friendship, sense of responsibility, value of sharing & caring and quality of independence.