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11.07.2022 TO 15.07.2022

Nurture refers to the care and attention that children are given while they are growing and developing. Ryan International School helps to give them emotional resilience in. An environment is everything that is around us. It is nature’s gift that plays an important role in healthy living on planet earth. So as kindergarten teachers we at Ryan embibe values in our students to save and protect the environment. Ryan International School start giving this education right from the beginning in kindergarten. we teach them importance of nature through the following ways

  • Nature Walk : We take our Children to near by garden for nature walk to expose outside world and foster a natural sense of wonderment. They ask us about different colours of flowers and plants.We teach them that you can also grow plants
  • Plantation Drive Children did plantation in the school premisis and were encouraged to plant more and more trees. Everyday children water the plants
  • Save Trees Save Nature: Through a story dramatization importance of trees was depicted and Children were told about the things we get from trees and how trees are precious for us.
  • Street Play: Children spread the awareness to save trees through street play in the near by areas. They made small pamphletes and distributed it.
  • Special Day/ Week Celebration: A special days and weeks were celebrated in kindergarten to emphasis on the importance of different components of environment like Earth Day , Coconut Day, Environment Week , Tiger Day , World Animal Day , Water Week etc were celebrated where children enthusiastically participated.
  • Competitions and Activities : In kindergarten we had organized different activities like Green day, Healthy food , Salad decoration, Fruit chaat party etc and conducted many competitions like Say a slogan , Elocution competition , Rhyme Recitation, Fancy Dress Competition.