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Teacher Testimonials

  • Ms. Neha Dogra - Ryan International School, Preet Vihar
  • Ms. Neha Dogra

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards Ryan International School, Preet Vihar and respected mentors for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Ryan group. Working at Ryans helped me to grow professionally. I feel extremely fortunate to have such great leaders who always encourage, advise, guide and support teachers to be the best. I am proud to be a teacher in this institution and feel blessed to be associated with this eminent educational organization who believes in excellence. Thank you so much for being such incredible mentors who motivate me constantly.

  • Ms. Muskan Malhotra - Ryan International School, Preet Vihar
  • Ms. Muskan Malhotra

    I feel blessed to write a gratitude note today for Ryan International School. It's an International brand of excellence in education. God bless our mentors Chairman Sir, Managing Director Madam for having a strong vision in making learning possible for all children and we as Ryan teachers always get an opportunity to validate our talents. It's not only teaching in Ryans but becoming a student, communicator, friend to our children in school. Thank you Ryans for raising my confidence. Working behind the scene, planning, conducting and implementing new activities has always been a pleasure with my little angels of Montessori.

  • Ms. Namita Nijhawan - Ryan International School, Preet Vihar
  • Ms. Namita Nijhawan

    I joined Ryan International School in year 1994 as a Montessori Teacher. Since then I got various opportunities to gain my confidence and to showcase my creative talent. Whenever I faced any hurdles, with the support of Principal ma’am and my School Head I successfully moved forward. School arranged many workshops and seminars that helped us to make me more techno savvy. It is indeed a privilege and honor to be the part of such a renowned school. I will continue to give my best services in future.

  • Ms. Supriya Kohli - Ryan International School, Preet Vihar
  • Ms. Supriya Kohli

    I feel happy in teaching Montessori children at Ryan International School, Montessori, Preet Vihar. It gives me immense pleasure to watch children learn, grow and achieve their milestones. I feel blessed to have a job that I love. I am still growing and learning new things every single day and hope that I will be a part of this wonderful family for many more years.

Parent Testimonials

  • Vikram Virendra Dutta

    We as parents, feel proud to be associated with “Ryan International School Preet Vihar”.I father of Veer Dutta wants to express my gratitude to the Ryan International School, Montessori, Preet Vihar, for providing fun and friendly learning environment and uplifting the confidence of my son.Ryan International school , Montessori Preet Vihar, focuses not only in academics but also encourages all students to participate in extracurricular activities.I really want to appreciate all the Teachers anď staff of the Ryan International School for bringing out the best of our kids during the Annual day Celebration held on 25th February, 2023. Congratulations to you and the entire team for putting up such a marvellous and grand show for the Annual Day 2022-2023. The dedication and efforts of the teachers and students were clearly visible. I was very happy to see my son Veer Dutta welcoming the audience and confidently performing on stage.Thanking everyone who contributed in making that days show a great success. You are doing wonderful work with the students, for inculcating the students with indispensable knowledge and preparing them with the skills to stand out in life, Thank you,

  • Charu Saxena

    Choosing Ryan International School,Montessori is one of the best decisions we've made for our child. Ever since he started his journey with Ryan’s, I've seen a lot of changes in him (not to mention positive). The activities for the children are designed in such a way that they are engaged throughout the month without burdening them. A shout out to his class teacher ,Sunaina Mam, who definitely delivers her best and always makes sure that the children grow and explore new things. We are glad that we chose Ryan International School and would recommend everyone else too. Kudos to Ryan International!!