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Ways to Improve Child’s Digital Health and Wellness

While our technological devices have become our only medium of communication, learning, and entertainment during the COVID19 crisis, we need to be precautious as they come with a set of problems such as excessive use of Digital Media, Eye Strain, Gadget Addiction and so much more. It is essential to take precautions and inculcate better practices that promote moderation.

What is Digital Health and Wellness?

Digital health and wellness is the ability to use technology like Laptops and mobile phones, but not use it soo much that it starts hurting your mind or your body.

In this week’s #RyanHealthGuide, an initiative by Ryan International Group, we will see some will focus on ‘Digital Health and Wellness‘.

While we are under Lockdown, we are staying connected with the world, only through our gadgets. But as the popular saying goes, ‘Too much of anything is not good for nothing!’.

Here’s are some risks of excessive use of Digital media and best practices to follow while taking care of your digital health and wellness.

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Ways to Improve Child’s Digital Health and Wellness

8 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Digital Health

  1. Manage screen time
  2. Promote physical activity
  3. Monitor mental wellness
  4. Practice stress-reduction exercises
  5. Set rules for bedtime mobile use
  6. Talk about online safety
  7. Discuss the differences between productivity and technology.
  8. Talk to kids about digital health, ethics, and citizenship.

Digital Media and devices are an integral part of our world today. The benefits of these devices, if used moderately and appropriately, can be great. But, research has shown that face-to-face interaction with family, friends, and teachers plays an important role in promoting children’s learning and healthy development.

Last week, we saw how basic DOs & DON’Ts safely navigating through post lockdown world for your own and the community’s safety.

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