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[Infographic] Ryan E-learning Program – Survey Reveals 92% Parents and Students Happy

Post the mandated closure of schools, Ryan International Group of Schools across India embraced e-learning. Our Teachers quickly adapted to the online course module, ensuring learning never stops for our Ryanites during these unprecedented times.

About 1 million+ remote learning sessions have been delivered to date, starting from Montessori up to Grade 12, clocking in an attendance upwards of 85%.

Recently Ryan Group conducted a survey to review the effectiveness and success of Ryan e-learning across our schools and the response has been overwhelming.

Some of the key highlights identified in the survey were:

  • 87% students are satisfied and easily understand the topics or the chapters undertaken in the e-learning sessions.
  • 89% students find the online learning sessions engaging and interactive.
  • 92% students and parents are happy that the Ryan Group of Schools has started the e-learning program.
  • 91% students feel happier and proud to be a Ryanite after attending e-learning sessions.
  • 86% students would like e-learning to be a part of the regular curriculum.

Ryan E-learning Program Survey Infographic –

Ryan E-learning Program Survey infographics

Other than positive statistics and feedback from students and parents some key benefits of Ryan E-Learning program also came to the forefront – 

  • Adaptation of interactive & innovative teaching methods to maximize information retention and overall engagement.
  • E-learning is helping children to cope up in this tough situation as virtually connecting with teachers and peers makes them feel less lonely.
  • Children are learning to study independently and it brings out a sense of responsibility and discipline in them.

Apart from focusing on academics through online classes, Ryan Group of Schools is also conducting online engagement initiatives for their students. Online yoga classes, arts & painting classes, meditation, and more are conducted to promote a healthy lifestyle and to ensure productive use of the time of the children.

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