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Parents Corner

Mrs. Shivangi Brahma - Ryan International School, Borivali

Mrs. Shivangi Brahma

I just love how well teachers take care of kids. Least burden on parents. All teachers are great. The special teacher of my child Raghav is Aloysia Miss. Thank you so much for nurturing the future so well.

Mrs. Madhuri Shah Iyer - Ryan International School, Borivali

Mrs. Madhuri Shah Iyer

Every day my daughter looks forward to coming to school. She is enjoying her time in school and learning and participating in new activities and events every day. The school/ institution is providing a range of activities to boost confidence, public speaking, and overall development. World Scholar's Cup, INMUN are to name a few. The teachers and the principal are very supportive and always encouraging. The ambiance of the school is student-friendly and as a parent, I am very happy with my decision to choose this school for my daughter. We wish to have this school till 10th std

Mrs. Rachael Coutinho - Ryan International School, Borivali

Mrs. Rachael Coutinho

Ryan Christian School focuses not only on academics but also on the overall development of the child. The kids are introduced to various interschool/ international level competitions/ sessions in the field of sports, fine arts, etc. The recently concluded World Scholar’s Cup is a fine example. The students are also encouraged to participate in competitive exams. The school has also started the beach clean-up drive in which the kids happily make their contribution to nature. The school ensures that everyone gets an opportunity to show their talent and makes sure that there are sufficient programs conducted so that no one is left out. The school also offers vacation courses in journalism and direction which is highly recommended. I do like the focus on co-curricular activities apart from just studies.

Mrs. Mudita Pandya - Ryan International School, Borivali

Mrs. Mudita Pandya

Ryan Christian School is the best school and gives a platform to each child and encourages overall development. We want this school to open 9th and 10th STD.

Mrs. Archana Kothari - Ryan International School, Borivali

Mrs. Archana Kothari

It is the best school. My daughter is in this school for 11 years. Teachers take good care of the child. Overall development takes place.