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Jagdeep Singh & Dr Rajinder

Jagdeep Singh & Dr Rajinder

I hope this letter finds you in good health. It was the time of our son’s school life in 2016 at your school and now he is in second standard. We are writing this letter to show our sincere appreciation to Ryan School management for having the most honorable and superb principal, bringing faculty and for all the efforts you put in for making this school even greater. We want to thank principal ma’am for making school such a positive experience for our son Gurbaaz Singh and all children. With all your teachers patience, care, creativity and love you made a great difference for all of our children. They dealt with studies in an empirical manner by experiments and observation which made students love studies rather than running from it. Your school directed them to trust themselves and to become all that they dream with sincere appreciation.

Gurinder Singh Gill - Ryan International School, Mohali

Gurinder Singh Gill

I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the Ryan family. Hardwork and success is something that was taught to my ward and she learnt to push yourself to be able to obtain fruition and fulfillment. The school has also provided the students with visual learning through smart boards and a digital app -MCB on which all the homework as well as class work. The school management has always helped my child for many years as she is going through a health disease. The principal has even contacted me onces and took the details of my daughter's doctor and took it to him without any delay and I am very grateful to them. The school has provided students with various platforms like BBN, INMUN, YD COURSE and even NASA TRIP and my daughter was a part of most of them and was even enrolled for NASA TRIP. The teachers always motivated her and never demotivated my child due to her health issues for taking part in any kind of competition or any trip. I'm very grateful to Ryan Group of institutions as well as Ryan Mohali for providing our wards with these facilities and for always taking care of my daughter.

Sukhprit Kaur - Ryan International School, Mohali

Sukhprit Kaur

I am writing to you to express my appreciation to the Ryan Team. I am very much happy with the progress of my son Gurmat Vir Singh. He has been with Ryan International School Mohali since 2015. Since then , He has shown significant growth. I am very much thankful to all the teaching staff for the progress of my son. In school kids are encouraged to interact and not to be afraid of their teachers. The open and supportive environment of school helps the kids to excel in academic arts and supports.

Suman Gupta - Ryan International School, Mohali

Suman Gupta

Myself Suman Gupta , mother of Yashita Gupta ( Student of 4A) wants to thank management of RIS, Mohali for making my daughter what she is today. My daughter started her life in this school from mont-1. I found all the staff very supportive here. Can't thank enough to her sports teacher Mr. Vishal Goyal who shaped her to become national level Yoga champ. His sincere and honest efforts are appreciated by all.
I wish the students of this school to shine in every field. They make the whole country proud in academics as well as in sports. For that, management can work more on improving their sports infrastructure.

Suchin Gupta - Ryan International School, Mohali

Suchin Gupta

I would like to thank the second God on earth Teachers of Ryan International School, for their guidance support and care they have shown towards the development of my Kid Kaavya Gupta of Class 3rd B Ryan Group ( Mohali ). Under the umbrella of Dr A F Pinto, Madam Grace Pinto, Ms. Taranjeet Kaur and all the teachers.
During this tough time when everything is Negative – In this Scenario Ryan played a vital role to keep the Kid busy during this time like: - Earlier all Kids used to play on mobile phones/I-Pad Ryan group helped them to learn digital. - During this scenario they gave unique tasks to the kids to help Parents in cooking. - During this scenario they make the kids compatible of meeting friends online and my kid celebrated her birthday on ZOOM wherein her all friends and even school teachers blessed her. - We celebrated Mother’s Day & Father’s Day in real sense as we were together at home and enjoyed playing games. - The Kids enjoy online school from 9 to 1. 20 having proper breaks like Fruit Break. - The Ryan Management created games in an innovative manner and created online sessions for kids to play with ball/ doing Yoga etc. - The Ryan Management made kids to learn best use of time management.
I again thank all the Management people of Ryan Group for their all the initiatives and pray to almighty for the safety of all of them and their families.