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Sahib Grover - Ryan International School, Jamalpur - Ryan Group

Sahib Grover

My school, Ryan International School has made me what I am today. No one becomes an independent, confident and a responsible person by just reading the syllabus books. Ryan instilled values in me through various experiences. The small responsibilities given to me, made me realize the value of working together in a group and eventually inculcating leadership qualities in me. The punishment taught me to be obedient and own up my mistakes and never repeat them in the future. The sharing of tiffin made me experience the happiness of enjoying friendship. Various competitions, in which I participated, taught me the value of teamwork and importance of healthy competition. Yes, I am proud to be Ryanites. I miss my school a lot.

Gunjeet Singh - Ryan International School, Jamalpur - Ryan Group

Gunjeet Singh

My school has not only changed my life but also prepared me for the corporate world. It taught me how to face difficult situations and when to be patient and calm with others. After joining my school, I explored myself and started to understand what I am good at. I had a terrible stage fear and usually, I did not take up responsibility. But my school helped me to overcome the fears and made me an extrovert who is now confident. I learnt discipline through sports which made me physically fit. Every day we had a lively and musical morning assembly where we used to get a chance to showcase our talent. Ryan not only helped me gain knowledge but also to speak boldly, to beat the challenges. I really miss my school.

Gurbani Gogia - Ryan International School, Jamalpur - Ryan Group

Gurbani Gogia

Educational organization is always based on positively shaping personalities of the students so they are equipped to take on the world in a strong way. Ryan international school has been successfully creating such personalities. Here a student is given every opportunity to develop and grow into a wonderful human Being along with excellent training in various activities be it sports, culture academics or other essential values. Ryan has always proved to be the best for its students. What I am today is because of my schooling days at Ryan. Wherever I go, I will never forget my mentors and my peers at Ryan.

Viduti Bhatia - Ryan International School, Jamalpur - Ryan Group

Viduti Bhatia

Ryan has always strived hard to focus on pedagogical practices that have proved to be promising, showing a systematic improvement. Holistic development and the concepts of ‘Nature versus Nurture’ are given utmost importance. Ryan has always been available for its students through ‘internal support structures’ like counseling, community based resources so that they are aware of the social & environmental problems pestering our society. The school has always ensured that students create and maintain healthy connections with peers and adults.

Inreet Kaur - Ryan International School, Jamalpur - Ryan Group

Inreet Kaur

The Ryan initiative for its students includes focus on today’s educational structures as they impact today’s students, to ensure that they are ready for the uncertainty of tomorrow’s world. Contemporary students experience stimuli from mass media on a regular basis, they regularly interact with others geographically, culturally and academically. Ryan Group of institutions knows well how students learn and grow through rapid developments taking place around them. The school has always motivated evidence based learning and teaching which is the foremost requirement of today’s times.


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