Top 10 Exam Revision Tips

Ryan International School Blog - Top 10 Exam Revision Tips
In the run up to the exams that now just seem around the corner, hundreds of thousands of students across the country start panicking about the fact that very little revision has been done so far.
But don’t panic; it’s never too late to start revising.
Here are 10 winning revision tips that will get you off a flying start.
  1. Don’t spend ages making your notes look pretty: This would just waste your time. For diagrams, include all the details you need to learn, but don’t try to produce a work of art
  2. Take short breaks every hour, not every 10 minutes
  3. Don’t just read your notes, you have to WRITE STUFF DOWN
  4. Do plenty of past papers: Ask your teacher for some past papers or google them yourself. Most exam boards nowadays put a lot of emphasis on exam technique and simply familiarising yourself with it before the exam can often save you time and help to earn marks at the exam
  5. Find the right environment to revise: NOT in front of the TV.
  6. Making summary notes is by far the best way to memorise lots of information
  7. Use your family and friends around you to test you and give you feedback
  8. Draw up a revision timetable. Do it today. They are frightfully useful
  9. Remember to Eat Well
  10. Think positive – it’s seriously not the end of the world if you fail..

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