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Impact of Social Media on our behaviour & emotional well-being

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Growing Healthy Minds is a parent advisory social initiative addressing the widespread usage of Social Media and Mobile phones by children and the corresponding effects on their mental and emotional well-being at a very tender age.

Here’s Dr. Samir Parikh, Psychiatrist and Director of Fortis National Mental Health Program, voicing his take on modern generation’s obsession with #SocialMedia, whether they’re adolescents or adults. Proper interaction with family members, and spending time outdoors are some of the many things Dr. Parikh believes can help towards GrowingHealthyMinds.

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Ryan School Counselors

Ryan School Counselors comprises a panel of in-house school counselors and industry experts who help children develop social skills, decision-making and study skills, needed to achieve career and academic goals. Ryan In-house School Counselors work with parents, guardians, teachers and administrators to ensure the curriculum addresses both the developmental and academic needs of students.

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