Healthy Swaps for Children by Nutritionist Shikha Gala

Ryan International School Blog - Healthy Swaps for Children by Nutritionist Shikha Gala

Did You Know on an average a child eats and drinks more then 7-8 cubes of sugar every day. Replacing one meal with a swap can reduce the consumption of sugar cubes by 2 piece per day.

Eating habits are formed in children during their early childhood days. These are majorly influenced by parents and grandparents. The needs of a child may vary depending upon their age and how physically active a child is. They need healthy meals options since intake of sugar is high for a child due to consumption of sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks

Here are 7 tips for a healthy Swap

  1. Swap Bread Butter with Whole Wheat Peanut butter Sandwich

Sandwiches are the easiest and handy options as packed meals for children. These can be given to the child in evening snacks or at mid-meal breaks in school or post a sports activity. It is a balance of all nutrients required at mid-meal.

  1. Swap Frizzy drinks with fruit infused water

Infusing fruits with water helps in hydration that is a common problem faced by children and also to build immunity and providing the nutrients.

  1. Swap Mayo based dips with Hung curds

Hung curds provides with good amount of proteins over mayonnaise based dips which are fat based. Adding a flavor like mint, herbs or few seeds can add a variant to the dip. Serve with vegetable fingers or Lavash.

  1. Swap Biscuits with Home-made Granola bar

Granola bar is an amazing combination of oats, dark chocolate, dates, nuts with no white sugar to make it healthy and at the same time giving a crunch and nutrient dense.

  1. Swap Chips with Makhana

Makhana are a good source of calcium and also they are roasted and not fried which makes them an ideal munch for children. They can be made in different flavors like masala or Italian.

  1. Swap Ice-creams with fruit pops

Frozen pulp of fruits along with mixed fruit pieces can be used to make it more colorful and attractive. They have only natural sugars present saving a high amount of sugars and calories.

  1. Swap ready-made cereal mixes with home-made pre-mixes of Porridge

Porridge’s are a part of traditional Indian breakfast like Dalia or Ragi porridge which are quick to make and healthy. Adding few nuts or dry fruits will make them more delicious and add more nutrients to the meal.

Article by Shikha Gala

Chief Nutritionist at Nutsutra

Ryan Partner Nutritionist

Ryan Partner Nutritionist comprises a panel of India's leading pediatric nutritionists who specialize in nutrition for children and adolescents and work towards developing healthy food habits from a young age.