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Child is binge eating? – Here’s what parents should do? | Healthy Eating During Pandemic

The global pandemic has made us rethink our eating habits and our immune system. But children are binge-watching and binge eating in their semi-vacation mood.

It’s a common issue, children tend to eat when they’re bored, and especially when everyone is at home with stocked up kitchen cabinets are right next to them.

So what to do? The child is binge eating what now? How to take care of them and channelize their energy? 

  1. Disciplinary Rules – Kids get lazy with no schools or play areas, so having a routine in place is a must. Have a schedule in place. If they don’t have one then they don’t know what their day will look like and they will end up doing all the wrong things. Set a time slot for different things like for lunch/meals, exercise, studies, etc. so that when they wake up they know what their day looks like.
  2. Healthy Cooking Together – When you involve them, you are not only channeling their energy in the right way but they also know they are going to get something yummy to eat. While cooking explaining to them the benefits of ingredients used in a balanced diet will help them learn about nutrition. Also, you get a chance to teach them an important life skill which on other days won’t be possible in their packed schedule.
  3. Stock up Healthy Food – There are many healthy foods to buy such as nuts, seeds, makhanas to munch, baked products instead of fried ones are some healthy fast food options. This will ensure they’re getting the fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health- and immune-supporting compounds via healthy snacks for weight loss and better immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children Nutrition and Diet during Covid19 Pandemic

With the current Covid-19 Lockdown scenario, not only Adults but even children’s eating habits have changed drastically. To help you get it back on track, we had a Youtube Live Session with Ms. Neha Ranglani, Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach where she answered most commonly asked questions and parent queries about a child’s unhealthy eating habits and what foods can help boost child’s immunity.

The following questions were also answered by her in live session –

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What is the definition of healthy food ma’am will you give me a list of healthy food? – Nidhi Aggarwal

We are putting on weight while in this lockdown. Please help with some tips to control weight. How to eat food in the proper portion? – Leeandra D’souza

My 7 years old son is not eating food regularly, he only likes only maggi noodles. Please suggest a food chart – Sadguru Decor

If a child is overeating during the holidays, what is a substitute for overeating?– Pankaj Agarwal

Do you have queries about your child’s eating habits and nutrition? Do let us know in the comments section and our Inhouse nutritionist will get back to you.

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