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7 Graphology Tips To Accelerate Your Child’s Learning- Pavan Badllani, Graphologist | Guest Blog

Did you know, Graphology – the science of handwriting and signature analysis, is an effective tool which can be used for children aged 13yrs & above to accelerate their learning process and help them deal with stress, weak concentration, memory power and overall happiness quotient.

As parents, we understand your concerns and thoughts on your child’s success in the growing years. Here are 7 simple tips on using graphotherapy to help child reduce their stress levels, increase their memory power and happiness quotient.

Boosting Child’s Memory Power –

Does your child have a hard time remembering a lot of information at once?

To increase your child’s memory power, it is ideal for a child to have a connected or a cursive handwriting. Cursive writing help’s your child in increasing their memory power as well as connect easily with people around them and vice versa.

To Reduce Stress –

Similar to adults, children struggle with stress too. Commitments, conflict in family and problems with peers result in stress, subsequently affecting their learning progress.

To reduce your child’s stress levels, there’s a particular formation in graphotherapy, that the child needs to practice for a period of 21 days, on a blank sheet of paper with a black or a blue ball pen. It looks like an S alphabet (Refer to the image).

Practising this kind of writing is called ‘Graphotherapy’, which in simple terms, is a form of psychology accomplished through handwriting exercises designed to bring about more desirable personality traits.

To Overcome Loneliness –

Some of the most common factors contributing to the feeling of loneliness in children are moving to a new school or neighbourhood; losing a friend; losing an object, or experiencing the death of a pet or significant person.

If you feel that your child feels lonely, or is an introvert or extremely reserved by nature, observe the size of their handwriting. Usually, people who tend to be reserved and introverted by nature, have a small size in their handwriting. To help them with becoming more expressive by nature, you can ask them to increase the size of their handwriting.

With this, you will gradually see them connecting with people around them and be in the spotlight. This will also boost their confidence level and self-esteem.

To Boost Creativity –

Creativity helps kids become more confident, develop social skills, and learn better. Creativity also offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.

If you feel that your child tends to feel low and disinterested in communicating and talks a lot about their problems, instead of solutions on a continuous basis, you can ask your child to have a signature, which is ascending in formation with 15-20 degrees in ascension with an underline/underscore below their signature and double dots below the underscore in the centre.

This will help them boost their creativity, vitality and optimism levels. It will be essential to help them focus on solutions and new ideas, instead of just talking about their problems.

To Make Them More Expressive and Enthusiastic –

When you go out for social gatherings, and your child seems disinterested and unenthusiastic to speak to people around him or her, share his or her thoughts in online sessions or is bored while talking to relatives over a phone call, here’s what you can do –

Observe the way your child, writes the alphabet “e”. If the loop of the alphabet “e” is not visible or is not very clear, your child would be highly selective by nature and likes doing things in his or her own style, has fluctuating energy levels and constant mood swings and is not open to new ideas.

To avoid that, ask them to increase the size of the loop of the alphabet “e”, which will help them become more expressive, open listeners, accepting of new ideas and high energy levels.

To Overcome Sleeplessness –

So many parents today, struggle with their children not sleeping on time and being restless at night & unproductive during the day. Here’s how the alphabet R in their handwriting can help.

The formation of the alphabet “r” will be retracted, means it will be without a loop, which causes restlessness, overthinking and ultimately insomnia.

You can ask them to create a loop in the “r” alphabet it will help them in becoming more creative, overcome sleeplessness and improve their productivity.

Increase Family Time

Last but not the least, the biggest complaint that parents have from their children is that they don’t spend enough time with the family. When children spend quality time with parents and caregivers, it tends to have a positive impact on them as in their growing years.

Ideally, when you see their signature, there won’t be any dots below their signature, which makes them feel that they should be by themselves, and spend more time in their own company. So, here’s a simple fix for the same.

In their signature, you can ask them to write their name & surname, with an underscore which is from left to right, which starts from the initial of their name and ends at the last alphabet of their surname with a double dot, that comes below the underscore/underline in the centre of the signature formation.


Try out these tips for at least 21 to 90 days to see lasting changes in the personality of their child, after implementing these tips. Do share your experience with us and the development you see within your child.

About Author Pavan Badllani (Graphologist) –

Pavan is considered to be one of India’s most sought after handwriting and signature analysis experts. His high energy, “play & learn” style, keep his audience spellbound. He teaches using, peak performance techniques and high involvement speed learning technologies so that participants learn faster, remember more and achieve maximum results. He is the author of 40 inspirational books and a creator of more than 10,000 videos online.

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