Coding Camp for the creators of tomorrow

Coding is revolutionizing today’s world - be it the modern financial system, self-driving cars, automation of production lines, social media and more. Coding is much more than just writing commands into a computer: coding aids in a child’s overall development of the brain, teaches academic skills like computational thinking and builds crucial soft skills like perseverance and organization.

With a vision to make every Ryanite ‘Future-Ready’, Ryan International Group and Toppr Codr presents – ‘Coding Camp for Grade 1-12’ , a fun & gamified way to learn coding.

Exclusively designed for students of Ryan International School, the 48 class program with 1-on-1 coding classes includes Video Games, Mobile apps, Websites, 3D Animation, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR applications and much more.

Coding Camp for Grade 1-12

Curriculum for the 21st century workforce –

Coding Camp’s curriculum is structured grade wise starting Grade 1 until Grade 12, enabling students to learn the right skills at the right age, which includes – structural and analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills to creative development - building websites, apps and much more.

The world class curriculum is designed to according to Grade 1-4/5-8/9-12 to enhance analytical thinking and problem solving skills and build apps like chatbots, adventure games, weather app, money manager and many more!

Coding Camp for Grade 1-12

Currently available in the select schools only and we will gradually extend this program to all schools

For more information, email: or call: 1800 2099 199

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