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Mr. Abhishek Srivastava (F/o Janessa Srivastava) - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Mr. Abhishek Srivastava (F/o Janessa Srivastava)

We as parents are highly satisfied with the overall development of our child in Ryan. The school not only focuses on studies alone instead it provides an atmosphere where a young mind can grow with confidence. Our daughter is in 3 rd Standard and we have seen a remarkable all round development of her in terms of studies, stage exposure, public speaking etc. We would like to say that Ryan school provides the right platform to the kids to showcase their talent in whichever field they are good at. A Big Thank you to the Ryan staff for all their efforts they are putting in for shaping the future of our kids.

Ms. Manisha Khanna (M/o Diza Khanna and Aiza Khanna) - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Ms. Manisha Khanna (M/o Diza Khanna and Aiza Khanna)

I can, I will and I must be a winner, when I hear these words of optimism from my daughter every day, I feel proud that I choose Ryan International School for her. The way she is motivated every day to learn, to grasp and to conquer is impeccable. This school has proven to be the best platform for her growth. The school not only focuses on a child's studies but also on extracurricular activities like dance, dramatics and sports. I was so delighted by Diza’s growth that I got Aiza’s admission done in the same school. My daughters love their teachers and understand every bit taught by them. Principal Ma'am Ms. Himsi Bhatia is a wonder of this wonderful school. Her love, care and attention makes each child feel so special. School has a playground, a library, a stage and possibly every required thing for a child’s development. I feel relieved now that my daughters are in great hands and selecting this school is the best decision for them.

Mr. Vivek Saini (F/o Angela Saini) - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Mr. Vivek Saini (F/o Angela Saini)

Ryan has been our partner in parenting and educating our children. Ryan is providing a safe and comfortable environment for our children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in those areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Ryan provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. I could have sent my daughters to any of the wonderful schools here in Rohini, but at Ryan, my girls are able to learn faith based values, pray together, and provide service to our community. Ms. Himsi Bhatia, the principal is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on your mind, whether a concern you have with your child, suggestion or idea you may have, or just a simple question you need an answer to. Her presence is felt throughout the school. There are so many wonderful things to say about Ryan. It is so much more than an ordinary school. We are blessed to belong to the Ryan community.

Ms.Simran Kaur (M/o Bisman Singh) - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Ms.Simran Kaur (M/o Bisman Singh)

A good blend of education and etiquette, a judicious mix of extra and co-curricular activities that is what the name Ryan International School speaks. To groom my child Bisman Kohli, the school has done remarkable efforts in a short span of time. The classroom sessions are well arranged by the class teacher and managed by a dedicated group of quality and humble teachers headed by a worthy Headmistress Ms.Himsi Bhatia. The school has all the facilities to tap the creative and sporting potential of its students. We wish that school continues its journey towards providing quality education to all its students.

Mr.Vivek Dhiman (F/O Vashti Dhiman) - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Mr.Vivek Dhiman (F/O Vashti Dhiman)

While growing up, I, myself had heard a lot about achievements and credentials Ryan International School has to offer. So, on the 1st day of New Year 2016, my wife and I were to enroll our child and applied to Ryan International School and to 24 other good schools in the locality. We prayed everyday for her to get into one and surprisingly got accepted at Ryan. Along the way, adjustments and hardships were met and dealt with positively as continued support and understanding was being adhered to, for our child’s progress and solidarity. We feel proud of our daughter's success so far and would like to give credit to the teachers involved who have moulded her in so many different but unique ways.


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