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Angad Singh - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Angad Singh

RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, H-3, Sector-11,Rohini is much beyond just an “Institution”. It actually denotes a Culture of excellence, empowerment, and enrichment. Being a part of RIS, I felt blessed. The school had molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. The way cells are the building blocks of life, similarly, the teachers and staff of H-3 RIS are the building blocks of my life. They always provided me with the best of academics, sports and extra co-curricular activities.

I shall always be thankful to this wonderful place for the very enrichment of my personality.

Sairama Rao - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Sairama Rao

Well, even now when I think back of the life that I spent in Ryan H3, it feels nostalgic that I was groomed under the extensive list of extravagantly talented faculty members who were always there to support me in whatever good ways that were possible. The infrastructure provided me with lots of different options for carrying out the extracurricular activities, which I wanted to pursue. This was the place where I had set my lifes first milestone, where I decided what to become.

Sabhy Gupta - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Sabhy Gupta

Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday when I look at my junior school. Life was absolutely so much more happening. So many new things, so many opportunities.. and beyond that a great ambience with some great people all around me. Nothing becomes special for a person unless he has some great memories with anything. I definitely had one at RIS, H-3, Sec-11, Rohini My school was not just a school to me it was a place where I could relish myself to be a great person in life .So much support of teachers as caring as family and most of all the vibe of the school. Even when I look at the building of the school now I have some great moments to remember. Someone has rightly said the place where you grow from should be the best because from there only you set yourself to launch all around the world.

And I definitely got the best launch pad of my life.

Chiraayu Trehan - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Chiraayu Trehan

My journey in the school started in the year 2004. From being a naughty kid in Primary classes , then being Senior Under officer In NCC and finally being the President Of Student Council In Class 12th, My journey in the school has been amazing and worth remembering. Ryan provided me with an apt platform to fly with vibrant colours infusing in me the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence and molding me into a distinctively new person. This 14 year experience in this prestigious institution has honed my decision making and leadership skills and instilled in me a sense of commitment, conscientious and tractability.

I express my profound gratitude to my mentors, Chairman Sir, Dr. Augustine F. Pinto,

Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto. This experience of mine being part of this prestigious institution would be cherished forever.

Prachi Satrawal - Ryan International School, Rohini Sec 11, H3

Prachi Satrawal

I am a third year architecture student right now and can’t help myself from capturing my journey as something wrapped in and around the courtyard of Ryan H3. The space between those corridors and the classrooms was where the actual learning happened.

My teachers believed in me and that gave me a lot of strength to believe in myself as a young child. I took part in every competition I could, music, dance, drama, art, craft, the NTSE and once I even campaigned during student elections! Dance practices, lifestyle lessons, movie time, book reading everything happened in that multipurpose library space that overlooked the horse riding ring and tennis lawn. I was occupied in various activities, trying to do it all from making the perfect notebooks with numbered pages and filled indexes to stepping my feet and enthusiasm into all the activities and competitions. Today I can say I did have it cracked during that phase of my life at least, of course with the help of my teachers and my friends. My brain doesn’t remember my wins and losses but my heart does remember the feeling of happiness and satisfaction that came to me during the process of creating something and being someone. These early years of my school strongly shaped my personality and gave me the self-confidence to be someone who is optimistic about our dreams and hope as a society. All the credit for shaping my raw self and infusing it with courage and hope goes to my amazing and ever enthusiastic teachers. I am grateful to all of them for believing in me and working their super cool magic to transform me into my best self. Ryan H3 gave me friends for lifetime, lessons to revisit, teachers to cherish and a bundle of energy to fuel my ambitions.


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